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.MyConvergence is a print publication published by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

The first issue was published in July 2007. From 2008, two issues will be published yearly.

We seek articles from people that work in or are familiar with the telecommunications, multimedia, IT and postal services.

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Editorial Policy

MCMC Editorial Policy Statement

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) implements and promotes the Government's national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia sector. The MCMC is also charged with overseeing the new regulatory framework for the converging industries of telecommunications, broadcasting and on-line activities.

The MCMC has also taken over regulation of the Postal Industry and was appointed the Certifying Agency pursuant to the Digital Signature Act (1997).

".myConvergence", the MCMC knowledge magazine is produced to provide news, information and education to professionals in the relevant industries. Articles of historical, philosophical, cultural and general knowledge value to the industry and or professionals will also be included

The MCMC magazine policy is to publish articles that are clear in exposition. It will strive to ensure technical correctness but at all times, it is the aim of the MCMC to ensure that all readers will enjoy reading the articles.

The MCMC is particularly interested in articles that will increase the knowledge and information base among professionals in the industries especially in relation to contemporary developments and technical advances.

Articles must be technically correct. It is the responsibility of the author to provide adequate references where necessary. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all references.

The magazine welcomes the submission of unsolicited articles. Publication will be decided on the basis of suitability and worthiness. The editorial team will decide within 60 days of submission if the article will be used or not. All used articles become subject to the same terms and conditions as commissioned articles.

All articles submitted to the editors will be subject to an editing process. The process will endeavor to make the article interesting to the reader and within a required length without altering the key information, general thrust and opinion found in the article. The MCMC maintains absolute editorial independence, which means that the MCMC makes decisions about the information in our magazine free of external influence.

The articles and opinions contained in the MCMC magazine is not intended nor is it implied to be an official opinion of the MCMC or the relevant Ministries and or the Government of Malaysia unless stated in the articles.

The views expressed in the articles will be the views of the author and may differ from the view of the Editorial team and the MCMC.

The MCMC will seek feedback to its articles and content. In doing so, it seeks views and opinions on subjects and issues rather than on personalities and entities. The MCMC will publish any feedback that it deems useful to advance knowledge in a related field.

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