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.MyConvergence is a print publication published by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

The first issue was published in July 2007. From 2008, two issues will be published yearly.

We seek articles from people that work in or are familiar with the telecommunications, multimedia, IT and postal services.

Event Calendar

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Writer's Guidelines

Article ideas and articles are to be submitted to the editor of .MyConvergence magazine via our article submission form. Please read the guideline below carefully before submit your article, submission form link can be found below.

The articles can be in any document format that can be opened by the Microsoft Word application.

When an article is submitted, the author will warrant

  • That the author is the sole owner and author of the material.
  • That it is completely and totally original
  • That he has the exclusive right and authority to submit the material to the magazine.
  • That he will submit the article by the date agreed upon in consultation with the editorial team.
He will also agree to the following:
  • That the article will be read and evaluated by the editorial team.
  • That the article will be subject to an editing process which might necessitate changing the length, inclusion or subtraction of information and rearrangement of content.
  • That he will indemnify the magazine from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, losses or liabilities that may be asserted against the magazine in connection with the material, or any use thereof.
When unsolicited articles are submitted, author agrees to ensure
  • That it has not been printed in any other media prior to this submission
  • That it has not been submitted for print elsewhere at the point in time and that it will not be submitted to any other media until the editorial team makes a decision to print the article within 60 days.

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